Semiconductor Fab Facility Programming

Programming lead for DIW Plant control system using Siemens PCS7 and S7-417H redundant processors and IO for large semiconductor fab facility. Completed DIW code and assisted other programming team with code for chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, exhaust fans, etc. Responsibilities included programming PCS7v6.1 (Step7 and integrated WinCC), performing Customer Acceptance Tests including simulation PLC code and SimbaPro, implementing code in the field, and startup assistance.


Semiconductor Fab Facility PCS Design

Design lead for DIW Plant relocation with control system upgrade from Siemens 500 series to Siemens S7 417H series processors and remote IO for a large semiconductor fab facility.


Natural Gas Processing Facility

Providing PLC and HMI programming services for natural gas processing facility using ControlLogix PLC, Wonderware HMI and Industrial SQL Historian. Various maintenance and project work included.


Siemens to Rockwell Automation Conversion

Converted program from Siemens S7-300 and Siemens TP40 Operator Interface to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5000 and PanelView for Fin Press controls.


Corn Processing Plant Programming

Programmed ControlLogix processors and SLC-500 processors as well as PanelView operator interface for improvements to a seed corn processing plant.


Stockroom Rotating Shelf Unit Renovation and Programming

Redesigned controls for two rotating shelf units for a pharmaceutical stockroom. Electrical design included RFID tags on each shelf to monitor shelf position, in-house electronic design of manual operation and indication of shelf position, and rewiring to eliminate old equipment. Programmed using S7-200 series PLC and InTouch Wonderware HMI using recipes for parts retrieval database.


Fin Press Programming

Programming assistance for a Fin Press using Siemens S7-315 PLC and TP40 interface. Responsibilities included writing and testing portions of the PLC code in structured text, writing and testing user interface program. Helped client to establish better operator interface and PLC programming technique.


Pharmaceutical Batch System Programming

Programmed ControlLogix portion of a batch system for a mixer/homogenizer system including structured text implementation of S-88 Batch Standard, userdefined devices for valves, motors, VFDs, Jaguar Scales, and Analog alarm blocks. System included 177 IO points, and 14 phases, integrated with RSBatch and RSViewSE, using primarily structured text and SFC code.


Pharmaceutical Research Facility Programming

Programmed five S7-416 PLCs with remote IO (847 points), InTouch operator interface, and Siemens OP-27 HMIs for building HVAC and exhaust systems for an eight-story pharmaceutical research and development facility. The equipment and programming developed during this project became a working standard for other facilities on the campus.


Natural Gas Processing Facility and Well Fields

Provided support for Natural Gas Processing Facility and Well Fields using Siemens 545 and 55 processors with Wonderware Interface and Industrial SQL Historian. Various projects and maintenance support over a span of eight years.

Power Yacht Programming

Provided startup assistance, program revisions and troubleshooting for sea trials for a yacht with three S7-315 PLCs controlling auxiliary systems for three gas turbines. Function Block method used for PLC programming with WinCC Operator Interface.


Gas Pipeline with Satellite Communications Programming

Implemented PLC conversion (SLC to ControlLogix) and InTouch controls for 225 mile gas pipeline using satellite communications for valve station controls and monitoring. Features included automatic switchover to modem on satellite communications failures and auto-reconnect, connection time monitoring, data recording and reporting for regulatory requirements, and pipeline pressure and flow calculation monitoring for pipeline faults.


Pharmaceutical Chiller Plant Facility Programming and Support

Continuous service and various PLC and Operator Interface upgrades for Chiller Plant facility for pharmaceutical research and development campus for eight years. System includes Siemens 575 controller, Allen-Bradley IO, using APT programming, InTouch Operator Interface, Industrial SQL database historian, Moore32 controllers and data gathering, S7-315 PLC and OP-27 HMI.


Instrument Test Machine Electrical Design and Programming

Designed and programmed the electrical system for a machine used to test final assembly and functionality of diagnostic instruments prior to QA station and packaging. Controls design included proximity switches, photo-electric sensors, Festo solenoid banks with direct communication to Siemens/TI 575 PLC, Siemens ET200B series remote IO, and full machine guarding. Programming included APT PLC programming for machine functions, InTouch Wonderware programming for full machine control and diagnostics including machine state and alarms.


Machine Line Programming

Managed and programmed with a team of programmers to develop and implement and APT program for a machine line producing automotive structural members. This machine line included three machining dials with four stations each, forty-eight station transfer line, 130 machining motors, 21 three-axis Indramat CNC machines, 6 hydraulic systems, 370 hydraulic cylinders, solenoid controlled drill, tap, and mill stations, complete lubrication system, cutting coolant and wash system, and three transfer bars. The control hardware consisted of three Siemens/TI 555 PLCs, 92 Siemens ET200 remote IO modules, and over 700 limit switches. A multiprogrammer approach was required due to the aggressive schedule.


Stockroom Carousel Conveyor Programming

Programmed Siemens/TI 545 in APT software for control of four Saratoga carousel conveyors for operation with a bar code scanner and Nematron HMI. Responsibilities included programming, documentation, system start-up, and verification, authoring operator’s manual, operator training, and software presentation.


Process Line Capacity Increase PCS Design and Programming

PCS design responsibilities for increasing process production capacities in food manufacturer facility. Responsibilities included temperature controls design, process hook-up station modifications, high pressure pump controls, AutoCAD drawings, Modicon PLC program revisions, operators manual revisions, construction management, start-up and operator training.